solmagnus - a skilled software backroom when you need it


We take your ideas and build them into digital reality. From mobile apps to web applications.


We do repairs, renovations and additions to your existing products. From bugs to new features.


We document your products to help you and your customers use them. From plans to tutorials.



We are presently a team of one but we have a box of different hats we can wear that we've collected over many years.

devlopment hats

We know we're supposed to pretend like we're a big operation with loads of different departments but it's just so phoney. We do occasionally have a VA working with us and we also have a small network of other developers and designers that we trust to collaborate on projects when required.

Just like a regular builder in the bricks and mortar world, we build all sorts of constructions (only in code). We also do repairs, renovations and additions.

[insert list of acronyms and stuff to show how very clever we are]

We're also engineers and design how an application will work and what components to build it from. If you're on a tight budget we can build amazing things with just an old Rice Krispies box, duct tape and paper clips (well from components like WordPress, free plugins and mind-bending code integration).

We can put together a sensible layout so that you don't have the application equivalent of walking up three flights of stairs to get to the bathroom.

We do a little painting and decorating but interior design is best left to the graphic designers.

We can put the plumbing in place for your SEO but if you want to hit the top three in a Google search you probably want a marketer or social guru.

We are after all software geeks and not known for our fabulous social skills. We care about code. Occasionally, we may tend to ramble on about our love of Objective-C or an elegant algorithm or a beautiful MySQL query and other such things while your eyes glaze over and you think about what's for lunch.

We could go on and on but we've probably bored you enough already.

The best thing to do now is to contact us if you have a project you'd like us to help you with.


Company Address

2 Victoria Road, Harpenden, Hertfordshire AL5 4EA


+44 (0) 2088 168 911

Social Media

Follow us on Twitter @solmagnus

We've not been all that active on Twitter as we tend to focus on our core work. We figure that, even if a company or individual manages to stand out in the sea of social media noise, it may not mean they are outstanding.

Please get in touch with us via the contact form and we'll get back to you personally.



Why should you trust your ideas and software products to us? We're just a tiny clownfish swimming in the vast ocean.


But think of all the things Nemo did. And like Nemo, we have some trusted friends we can call on when we need them.

Ok so we still haven't told you why you should trust us with your project. Truth is, it's all just words and the proof is in the pudding as it's said. However, if you want words, here's a bunch of reasons:

  1. We're trustworthy
  2. We won't make promises we can't keep
  3. We give you realistic costs and timelines
  4. We deliver your product/project on time
  5. We let you know what's going on
  6. We do good quality work
  7. We know what we're doing and have plenty of experience
  8. We're quite clever with this kind of thing
  9. We sign a non-disclosure agreement if you need it
  10. Other people seem to like us... feedback