mobile applications

Mobile applications development requires a special mindset to pack a lot of functionality into a small space. We create powerful, intuitive and beautifully functional mobile applications and sites.

We can work on your existing applications or develop from scratch to your specifications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, HTML5, PhoneGap and more.

web applications and development

There is a diverse range of products & solutions available for your website or web app. It's not easy to find the best fit. We can design the technological solution to suit your current & future needs

We have used many technologies in our builds... CSS/HTML/XML, WordPress, ExpressionEngine, CodeIgniter, Django, C/C++, Javascript/jquery, MySQL, PHP, Python... to name a few.

database development

A database must be carefully designed and planned to ensure an efficient application. We can design a database solution to specifically meet the needs of your organization.

We are proficient in various flavours of SQL and have worked on MySQL, Oracle & Access systems. We can also work with your existing database on features and modifications.

feature additions and integrations

Technology is in constant flux which makes it difficult to keep up if you want to enhance your business. The move into cloud based systems is just one of the latest challenges.

Our experience allows us to get quickly across your existing systems to add features, fix bugs, integrate new systems or improve the user experience of your applications and web sites.

technical assessment

The vast amount of data & systems available today presents a great challenge. We are dedicated to keeping abreast over the broadest range of technologies, applications & 3rd party products.

Our skills in researching and digesting technological aspects allows us to analyze your problem and suggest solutions and applications that will best suit your needs and future growth.

We are a technical resource with a creative capability that you can call upon to bring projects to fruition. We can work top-down from your visuals or provide a functional and intuitive application or feature with simple styling that you can add your visual designs on top of.

Whether you are a marketing agency that needs a highly technical and flexible backroom capability, a software house that wants to develop or enhance your own systems and applications or a business with your own application in mind, we can help.

We pride ourselves on producing solid code, being friendly, reliable and above all, technically capable in many areas.

If you have a project you think we might be able to help with please drop us a line, and we can take a look for you.


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